Travel Snacks

I have a friend who keeps a giant bag of M & M's in the car to munch on while she drives,  I keep a box of Cliff bars in my trunk for emergency snack situations, and my sister-in-law always has nuts in her center consol.

It's Feedback Friday...

What is your favorite thing to snack on in the car?


  1. Weird perhaps, especially since I do have younger kids, but I don't have any snacks in the car....

    1. I bet your car is cleaner than mine then!

    2. Ha I wish ~ my littlest likes to bring about everything in her room when we travel anywhere and football pads, helmets, and I hate to say it, random "cups" can typically be found in the back seats..... :)

  2. I don't keep snacks in the car ( it's too hot). When we are going on long trips I go to the foreign food sections and get the weirdest things possible. We mostly eat bc we are bored anyway.

  3. We don't really use our car much except for the occasional long journey when we usually pack a lunch or a tea. There's only myself and my husband though so we don't have to eat every half hour! Luckily we work from home, walk to church and get our groceries delivered...our petrol bill is minimal now fortunately!!

  4. Wow, I practically live in my car!!

  5. I keep a couple bottles of water in there, but my 2 year old son loves to play with them. I also found a bag of chips under the seat over the weekend! I had that in there in case I got trapped in the snow or something!


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