$10 Christmas Tree

I had a spot in the corner of my living room that was not looking very Christmas-y, but I wasn't willing to invest in another tree for my home.  I needed something that made a big impact as guests walked through the door, but it still had to be simple and be able to be stored easily...oh, and it had to be cheap!

I roamed around my local Lowe's and found "Treated 1x4x6 Top Choice" boards for under $4 apiece.  I snagged two of them and headed home all skippy with my find.

Once I got home, I sawed the first board into a 4 foot section, leaving a 2 foot section.

The second board I sawed into 4 pieces measuring 26 inches, 20 inches, 16 inches, and 10 inches.

*If you don't like to get all wood shop at your house, you can take these measurements with you to the store and ask for your boards be be cut for you.  There is a giant saw at the end of the lumber aisle they can use to help you out*

If you intend to hang this tree, I would suggest attaching your hanger to the back of the longest board now.  I did it later and ended up with several holes in the wall I'm currently hiding from the Big Guy... I used a simple saw toothed hanger like this:

At this point you can assemble then paint or paint then assemble.  I assembled first...probably would have painted first if I wasn't all gung ho with cutting wood and ready to screw stuff using electric tools that made me feel all tough.

 I drilled pilot holes then used screws but it's just as easy to use nails and or wood glue.  I tilted the boards to get that wonky/whimsical look I was after.  My top board split and I almost switched it out, but then I started to love it.  Here is my tree assembled:

Next, I applied a wash over the whole tree (watered down paint) with a cheap chip brush then wiped it off using an old rag:

*Now, let me take a minute here in case my husband is reading this, that although it might look like I painted this tree on the kitchen table, I would never do that...mostly never...right, so let's move on.*

Now, using some watered down dark brown acrylic paint, apply to the edges and corners of the boards to get the age and depth of old wood.  See?

Okay, you can hang or prop your tree up as-is OR you can hang crap on it!  Let's hang crap on it!

Using some small finishing nails (or you could use cup hooks) I created some hanging spots:

You can hang some cool retro balls:

Or Christmas Cards:

Or turn it into an Advent Tree by hanging numbered envelopes with small treats or notes inside:

But, I like the frosted, retro balls best, it looks kind of Charlie Brown-ish to me...

Send me a picture of your $10 tree if you make one so I can share!

**I've posted 3 days in a row, people!**


  1. I forwarded this to Hubby so he could cut me the wood - there is so much of it in the garage - I'm thinking gifts here, too!

  2. I adore your tree! I love how you slanted the slats and the paint job is perfect!

  3. Super cute and you even managed to blog about it! I am impressed with your 3 days in a row. I have been MIA for the past few weeks myself.

  4. I think you did that so effortlessly. I am always stuck for new ideas...usually afraid to try.


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