Turkey Sandwich with Sour Cherries and Brie

A few weeks ago, I met some girlfriends out for lunch in the little cafe in Nordstrom's.  What a find!  I never knew that little gem was hidden in that store and the small menu had some great choices for lunch.

I fell in love with the sandwich I ordered and have made it several times at home.

Turkey Sandwich with Sour Cherries and Brie

Thickly sliced turkey
Brie, sliced
Sour cherry preserves (found with the jams and jellies) *could sub. cranberry sauce

Layer the meat and cheese on the croissant then microwave a bit of the cherry preserves to soften.

Drizzle preserves on top then eat!

This combo is so much better if the ingredients are room temp!

*Do you like how I'm just totally ignoring the fact that I haven't posted in about 10 days?? I'm like whistling with a look on my face like "What?!?"

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  1. This looks good - I have a lot of cranberry sauce leftover that I could use...hmmm...


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