Last Minute Pet Barrier for SUV

Our (almost) 2 year old German Shorthair Pointer loves us. A. Lot.

She always wants to be close to us, especially in the car.  Imagine car rides with 3 boys in the back seat arguing over who has to endure 55 lbs. of hot, shedding love on their lap.  She must climb on top of you like a small puppy:

 Last week I needed to take her to the vet alone and had to come up with a "love wall" between us.  I looked at the pet store for a gate to install in my car and walked right out the door when I saw price tags of $69.99 and up.

What to do???

Enter our old bed rail from days gone by...wait, I need to be sad for a minute...

I could see that the part that slides under the mattress moved in a channel on the leg, so using a hack saw, I cut a piece out of the channel so the anchor could be removed.

See where what I mean?  The piece of the channel is cut out here:

After that the perpendicular piece of the anchor slid right out of the channel:

I was left with a flat side with mesh in the middle that I attached to the head rests with bungee cords:

It's practically see-through when driving!  Here is the view from the front seat:

Here is our GSP safely behind the mesh:

On Thursday I will share another pet barrier solution that is more customized for size and an option for dogs that might just claw their way right through the mesh. So, meet you back here in a few days for a Custom Dog Barrier Tutorial!

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