ANOTHER Teenager??

I have another teenager in the house and I can't believe it! My middle son turned 13 on the day of my sister's wedding last weekend and was served birthday cake by a lady in white.

I always say that time flies and when I look at my kids I realize that is so true.  How can this much time have passed so quickly? I hate to say it, but all those who doled out advice about "cherish all these moments because they will be grown before you know it" were right!

13 years ago we had the sweetest baby who came into this world with a mighty bellow - no sweet baby cries for him! He roared into the room with a great wail then settled in to be a kind, gentle boy.  He has always been the kind of kid to think of others, give up the best seat if his brother was crying, hand someone else the larger piece of cake...

These days he is always the smallest kid in the room with the biggest heart. He loves his sports and plays like a giant on the field: 

And on the mat:

And with his stick:

And patiently waits for his delayed growth spurt to hit while keeping his sense of humor:

My boy is small but mighty and we love him so much...

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  1. Happy Happy birthday to your son ~ the last picture totally cracked me up :)


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