Box Hockey!

Have your kids reached that part of summer vacation where everything is "boring" and "there's nothing to do?" We saw this homemade game at a graduation party this summer and I snapped a photo so I could figure out how to construct one for our house.

One quick trip to Lowe's and about $25 later, we had a solution that worked with standard wood sizes for minimal cutting.

Let's build a Box Hockey Court!


1 sheet of plywood (we used 1/2 inch)
4 2x4 boards
Wood screws
Jig Saw
2 wooden broom handles
1 hockey puck



The long sides of the game will use the 2x4 boards as-is, the short sides will be 4 ft long so you will need to cut one board in half, and the remaining center board will need to measure 44 1/2 inches.

Mark your goal notches on the short boards - 2 notches in the center board (equidistant from the center), and one centered notch for each end "goal".  The notches should measure about 2x4 inches.

Cut out notches using your jig saw.

Construct your simple frame using the 2x4's and wood screws, making sure to locate the notches at the bottom. 

Attach the bottom of the frame to the plywood with wood screws.

....Flip it and Play it!

How to Play Box Hockey

1. Place hockey puck on top of the center board. Each player's goal will be to their right, and they will attempt to score on their opponent to the left.

2. Players begin by tapping their sticks down on their sides, then tap them together in the center, 1, 2, 3!

3.  After the third tap, players try to be the first one to knock the puck off the center board and toward their opponent's goal.

4. Scramble to shoot the puck through your opponent's goal to score.

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  1. I love this idea and can definitely see my son and his friends battling it out in the back yard!


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