Why I Missed Tutorial Tuesday This Week

I got up early this morning for a dermatologist appointment to have a small patch of basal cells removed from my forehead.

Now, I have to walk around for the next day or so with this HUGE pressure bandage on my head!  Because the bandage is skin-toned I'm getting lots of double takes.

So, Tutorial Tuesday will be tomorrow bright and early.  Thanks for bearing with me!


  1. Jennifer, I can relate! Last year I had to have Mohs surgery and the bandage on my chin looked like there was a baseball under it! Not fun, but thankful it's over and done. Blessings and best wishes for a speedy recovery! Cecilia

  2. Yep, Cecilia, same thing. The kids are embarrassed to be seen with me so I had to sit in the car during football practice!

  3. So sorry. I've got to go get something removed off my forehead as well. The joys of being 40 and white. How's your little guy these days? You have been on my mind and I hope you've had more good than bad days.


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