An Announcement...

I think the last time I checked in I was trying to figure out the next chapter for my life?  I tossed around several ideas for something to replace the income I have lost from Hope Studios, the shop.  Ever since Etsy changed their policies, I have been getting next to no views and only orders from repeat customers - no new customers.  I took a huge hit!

I started thinking about my criteria for another business venture:

Allow me to be creative
Work with people
Fill a need in my region
Have fun
Flexible hours

Finally, I came up with www.2Organized.net and I have been plowing ahead with the idea!  Developing a new business is exciting for me and I love all the background set up and paperwork. Is that weird?

I am almost finished with my business plan, designed a logo, set up the website, and linked all the social media buttons, set up online advertising, and started a blog within the site.  I asked my friend, Pam, to partner up with me for bigger jobs that required 2 organizers and developed a list of services.  2Organized will provide whole home organization as well as moving assistance (packing/unpacking), and home staging.  To set us apart, I added personal shopping service, and meal prep in your home. I'd really like to cater to busy families or professionals.

Anyone out there ever used a Home Organizer?  Any stories or advice you'd like to share?

I'm super excited about this new page in life!  Who knows where it will lead, but the journey is so fun and inspiring!  I'm thinking this blog may take on some subjects related to organizing a little more frequently as a result but maybe we're all ready for a change. Thanks for sticking with me during the dry spell I've been experiencing lately.  I'll try to create some excitement around here again!


  1. Congrats on starting a new business. I hope you have much success!

  2. How exciting! Good luck with everything!


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