Renew Those "Greasers"

If you are a lacrosse parent ("LAX is life" my boys say) then you know all about "greasers".

For a lax ball to be thrown with accuracy, it has to have a certain amount of grip. When lax balls are well used they become smooth and slippery and are called greasers. Around here there's lots of begging for lax ball money because all the balls have become greasers. Um, lax balls are expensive, dude!

My kids have been officially cut off financially when it comes to replacing greasers so they have figured out how to renew those old balls using Dawn dish soap, Magic Erasers, and elbow grease!

Scrub 'em up, give them a good rinse and a dry and they are good as new! 

You're welcome, now you can use all that greaser money to buy yourself something nice.


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