Day Trippin' to Water Island, USVI

Water Island is a must-see when you are visiting St. Thomas USVI.  A quick $7 ferry ride that picks up in American Yacht Harbor gets you over there lickety-split!

Call up Kelly's Carts before you leave to have a golf cart waiting for you when you arrive (340-643-4128).  Best $50 you'll spend.

We explored a WWII bunker: 

Ate lionfish tacos and drank Creamy Dinghy's and Red Stripes on Honeymoon Beach at Dinghy's Bar (kind of a glorified food truck in a primo location on the sand.

I got the kids to pose for some Christmas card pictures with all the moored sailboats in the background.  Just look at that water, people!

During our island exploring, we went off road and hiked a washed out trail down to Limestone Bay:

Beautiful, deserted beach...

Lots of things wash up on this beach, among them are shoes.  So, here you will find "The Tree of Soles" where explorers hang their finds:

The beach to the right is made up of big chunks of washed up coral, and visitors stack up cairns to leave their mark on this deserted beach:

Here is ours and some others along the shore:

Water Island is a must see for your next trip to St. Thomas!  Up next, St. John!

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