College Search 2015

Did you know that looking for the perfect college isn't like it used to be when we were in school?  I can remember finally thinking about college during my senior year of high school and visiting 2 or 3 before choosing one. I had no professional guidance and not much of a plan.

Now the college process begins before your junior year of school so kids can determine the criteria for admission (test scores, GPA, etc...) early.  We started our search over the busy summer and we were able to see 9 schools. It's amazing how they just know when they have found the school that feels right to them!

We visited some schools during family trips and took a 2 day road trip to hit 6 more at once!  He has determined he wants an east coast city school and fell in love with Temple University in Philadelphia.  We still have a lot more to do, but this will focus our search for the next year or so.

Time surely flies - just look at the man he has become.  He was a little boy when I started this blog and you have all watched him grow!   


  1. He does look so grown up! We haven't even started looking yet! What's he doing about the old vs new sat vs act?

  2. New SAT plays to his test taking strengths so we are going all in on new SAT & ACT


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