Design a Scannable Business Card

I am nosy by nature and can't resist clicking on links and pressing the "read on" button. When I see those little scan squares? Forget it!  I'm on it as fast as I can pull out my phone. I feel like I'm discovering a secret or something.

So, when designing my business cards, I decided to add a code.  I found this free QR Code Generator and linked it to my business site.  You can link it to any number of things, a photo, a phone number, an event... It's pretty cool! I saved the image as a jpg on my computer.

I went to VistaPrint  and chose a design for a 2 sided card and in the photo space in the back, I uploaded the QR code. 

You could use this same concept for an advertising postcard, an invitation, or a car magnet. 

Good luck!

*(I was not paid to mention VistaPrint, I just use them a lot and they send good coupons after your first order so I decided to give them props)

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