Let's Talk Money

That is the first thing I said to my business partner when I got her on the phone the day I signed up with Rodan + Fields.  I wanted to know, down and dirty, how much could I make at this job?

She gave me the Income Disclosure Statement:

I started with the company about 1 month ago and was able to promote to EC in 2 weeks, and I earned right in line with what this chart projects.

The thing I love is that the consultants at Level V are in my team and I can pick up the phone or email them for advice any time. I feel like I have a real grasp of what it takes to make it to their level because we're all doing this together.  They are helping me grow by teaching me what they learned along the way.

I knew I loved the products but wasn't sure if I wanted to sell them.  Was it going to be worth my time?  So far, it looks like it is.

 Want to join me? Email me and we can talk money, products, time...whatever you want.

Next week, I'll share some of my own before and afters!

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