My Own Rodan + Fields Before + Afters!

I have seen results from several friends and random Rodan + Fields customers, but I'm always a little skeptical unless I can see results for myself.  I have tried many of the products and have documented my progress in photos (one of the perks of being a blogger is that NOTHING happens without photo documentation!)

I wanted to share my own 30 day results with REVERSE Regimen:

 It drives me crazy when I see before and afters with different light, so I sat in front of the same window at the same time of day for all my photos.  Though I don't look 20 years younger, my skin does look healthier after 30 days.

In the last photo, I am wearing the mineral powder to show that foundation isn't necessary when I want to look a little more polished.

This next set of photos is of a patch of eczema I have had on my leg for about 10 years.  I have been on numerous prescription  steroids over the years and SOOTHE, steps 2 and 3 has worked just as well if not better!  I always hated to constantly apply the steroids, so I would let it go until I had some kind of function where my legs would show.  I would start using the prescription about 2 weeks ahead of time.  I'm using the SOOTHE every day without worry - it's even safe for babies! The maddening itch has disappeared and my raw rash is almost healed:

This is the call I listened to when I was trying to decide if Rodan + Fields was right for me.  If you are even a little curious it's worth a listen.  What's 15 minutes out of your day?

If something in this call speaks to you let's talk! I can answer your questions and maybe we can work together!

What about your skin?  Is there room for improvement?  Have you found the skincare you are IN LOVE with yet?  If not, why not try out one of our regimens out for 60 days?  With a 100% money back guarantee, what do you have to lose? Ask me about our Preferred Customer discounts and free shipping offer.

The first 10 people who want to try a sample of our Micro-dermabrasion Paste comment below!  I'll mail it out for you to try!


  1. I would love to try the microdermabrasion paste - I have heard good things about microderm. And at my age, I've got nothing to lose or prove - just want to look nice for work. (:

  2. I would love to try the paste, if you are still offering it! I have some sun damage that I'm trying to reduce. Thanks so much!

    1. Of course, Pam, I just sent you an email to the artfulmom address. Talk to you soon!


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