Freezer Stencil Christmas Gifts

I know freezer paper stencils are so 2013 but I still LOVE them! I used my mini Cricut for these, but I have also just used an Exact-o knife to cut out a design like I did with our zombie run t-shirts:

These shirts survived mud, rain and zombies (I have no idea who these guys are but the race coordinators wanted a picture):

This was some double stencil action where I painted the lettering then let it dry and added a heartbeat line over top (pretty sure there is a word more science-y than "heartbeat line"):

It's pretty simple...

No Cricut/Silhouette? Print out your design and lay the freezer paper, shiny side down, over top. You will be able to see the design through the paper. Trace and cut out.

If you have a cutting machine, just create your design and place your freezer paper shiny side down on the sticky guide.  Cut out design and remove paper.

Place the freezer paper, shiny side down, onto your item (we did work out shirts and headbands, but think tote bags, scarfs, curtains!).

Iron the freezer paper into place. It will stick to your fabric (I think there is wax on the paper that melts when you iron it, holding the stencil in place).

Pounce the paint onto the empty spaces. If you have fabric exposed near the edges of the stencil, protect it with painter's tape. If you are painting a t-shirt, place a newspaper between the front and back to avoid bleed-through.

These headbands are going to be gifts for my Rodan and Fields customers to hold their hair off their face while face washing. Carefully peel off the stencil....  Ta Da!

Not too shabby for $8 Walmart shirts!

Treat Girl made one as a gift for a friend!

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