Santa's Belly Ornament


Soul Sisters! Hide your eyes! This is not for you to see until our SS Ornament Exchange on the 10th!

I LOVE my ornament this year and it was pretty simple but makes a big visual impact. I'll show you how I made it!


Clear Glass Ornaments
Red Glitter
Clear Glitter
Mop and Glo
Thin Velvet Ribbon
Black Felt
Faux Fur 
Hot Glue Gun


Remove the top of the bulbs and drip about 1/2 tsp of Mop and Glo into the bulb. Cover the opening with your thumb and shake until the entire inside is coated. Pour out the excess.

Using a funnel, pour red glitter into the bulb and, again, close the opening with your thumb and shake until the inside is now coated with glitter.

Replace the tops onto the bulbs.

Measure the distance from the opening of the bulb to the bottom of the bulb.

Cut a strip of faux fur to fit. Mine was about 1/2 inch by 3 inches.

Hot glue in place as seen below:

Measure the circumference of the bulb and cut your thin, velvet  ribbon to fit.

Hot glue in place, this is Santa's belt:

Using the felt, cut a belt buckle. Mine is about 1 inch by 3/4 of an inch like this:

I hot glued it in place before I realized it doesn't really show up on the ornament. So I removed them and painted them with clear glue and dipped them into clear glitter.

Much better! NOW they show up and look more like a buckle!

Cut a short length of fur to hot glue around the base of the top to finish it off:

Have you made any ornaments yet this year?  Share! I'm always looking for good projects!

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