Soul Sisters Ornament Exchange Party - 2015 version

We had our annual Soul Sister Ornament Exchange Party last night!  The food was great, the wine was flowing, the laughs came easily and the ornaments were amazing as usual!

So, you remember the rules, right? All ornaments must be handmade and the supplies must cost less than 20 bucks. Let the games begin!

I went first and gave the Santa's Belly Ornament I taught you how to make earlier this week: 

Next, Treat Girl gave us this gorgeous Holy Family wooden ornament (she made it last January and totally avoided the whole stress of a time crunch. We hated her):


Then Joy gave us this amazing origami-style Christmas Dress with tiny clothes pins and a handmade hanger!

And finally, Marzipan gave us this beautiful hand cross-stitched Christmas Tree ornament:

 Dessert Break!

Cheers to another great SS Christmas Party!


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  1. I LOVE this tradition of yours! I seriously brings a smile to my face :)


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