What Should be Under Your Tree?

10. Because you are tired of stay-cationing to save money.

9. You want to surround yourself with positive and empowering women and men.

8. You have an shoe (purse) habit that needs to be funded.

7. You are ready for a new title in addition to mommy/wife/maid/chef/laundress/taxi driver/student.

6. Your New Year's Resolution is to look in the mirror and smile.

5. You love me and want to spend more time with me.

4. You love having coffee and wine with friends.

3. You would like to retire. Sooner than later.

2. Traveling around the world on the doctor's dime and getting lots of fabulous presents sounds like fun.

1. You have goals and dreams for your family and to give back to others ... And the only way it's gonna happen is if you do something different today than you did yesterday!

Yes, it's cheesy, but most of these reasons played into my decision to look into this business a little further.

I'm happy, I'm making some money, I feel valued, I'm making friends outside of my bubble, I'm liking what I see in the mirror, and I'm working toward goals and a purpose.  It's not for everyone, but this is for me I now see. It's filling that void I had inside to do something more.

I don't post this stuff to be annoying or pushy - buy sometimes passion can come off that way. I get it. I just want everyone to know I do this, this is "my thing".  If you need something, want to join me, have a question, I'm here.

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