Brown Paper Packages, Tied Up With String...

A few of my favorite things!
Yesterday we worked on a project after the eating and gifting together. We had an outing last week to a shop that had a Christmas tree decorated with "brown paper packages tied up with string" and knew this was the idea for us. While describing the project, Treat Girl described a "gift of love" that hangs on her tree each year, and a collaboration was underway!

Small boxes of various sizes (jewelry boxes, mini cereal boxes, etc...)
Brown kraft paper
Gardening twine
Evergreens from outside
Card stock
Single hole punch

Wrap your gifts and tie with string. Cut a tag from the card stock and write one of the following sayings (or make up one of your own)
"The gift in this box you cannot see, it's filled with love to you from me"
"In this gift is nothing new, it's filled with love from me to you."
or for my husband: "This gift is full of love, memories, and hope for the future."
Punch a hole in the corner of the tag and thread it through the string.
Tuck in some greens and tie.
The gifts can be tucked into the Christmas tree

I made one for each family member and nested them in greens on the table for a centerpiece.

This is a great "green" project - recycle, reuse, reduce!

For more great holiday gift and decor ideas, check out one of my favorite websites: One Pretty Thing


  1. Beautiful! But just be careful, Jen. Holly Berries are VERY poisonous to pets. ;)

  2. I love this idea! I have a collection of small jewelry boxes that I'm going to put to use!


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