Christmas Party Recap

The first annual Soul Sisters Christmas Party was a raging success!We've just wrapped up and I couldn't wait to share all the fun and gifts.

Let's begin at the beginning... The girls rolled in around 9:30 and we munched on spinach artichoke quiche, Amish Friendship Bread, fruit, and cookies. Next we popped the champagne and poured some mimosas for the gift exchange.

Here is the run down of how far you can stretch $10 (which was the maximum amount you could spend on supplies for your handmade gifts). We had a contest to see how little you could spend and the winner got an additional prize. The idea is to use what you have around the house and spend as little as possible but still make some great gifts.

Here is my gift for our "foodie" friend marzipan mom (disclaimer: it is pouring rain and looks like night outside, so the photos suck). I used scrap wood from my frames and made a chalkboard she can use to record her shopping list or write the menu for a dinner party. I also used the scraps from a curtain to sew her a "hostess apron" I saw in the Sur la Table catalog. Finally, I stamped some index cards to make personalized recipe cards (thanks to Whimsy love for the idea!) I included chalk and an eraser covered in a brocade paper to match the apron. Grand total: $1 for the chalk/eraser combo from the Dollar Tree.

Next, Marzipan Mom made a gift of a gourd bowl that was sanded and sealed and filled with flannel jammie pants, hand made soap, biscotti and candy. Under $10!

Next, "M" made a gift of a snowman lamp made from a gourd! The gourd was hollowed out and snowflakes were dremmel-ed into the stomach. Then, the whole thing was painted and electrified - under $5!!!

Next, Joy Beadworks created a custom, insulated coffee cup that was embellished with fabric (in my favorite color) and displayed my shop web address! A box of tea and package of cocoa finished it off. Under $10, amazing!

Finally, our own Treat Girl knitted the cutest pair of mittens (that were the exact shade of the recipient's blouse...creepy) with a $1.80 and no potty breaks!

For her frugality, she won the prize I'd made yesterday - a hinged and distressed box to store all of her beads for her Joy Beadworks interchangeable bead rings! (cost $1.00)

Too soon, it was time to move on with our day. Kids needed to be picked up/dropped off, Christmas gifts purchased, and husbands had to be relieved from duty...but we left with hugs, gifts, friendship...and a nice mimosa buzz :)

Merry Christmas!
psst! Tomorrow I will talk about the craft we worked on for this shindig...it's cute!


  1. Ah what a lucky girl you are to have such wonderful friends. Great post. Merry Christmas!

  2. I had a wonderful time! Thanks for hosting and thanks for the great gifts. I can't stop bragging about them - and I'm trying to find a prominent place to set my chalkboard in my kitchen. Can't wait for next year!

  3. Fabulous as usual! So much fun...I think we should throw birthdays into the mix!

  4. Wow, this looks like so much fun! What lucky friends, just fabulous!

  5. Very neat ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  6. What fun and what a lucky bunch you are! Thanks for inviting us in!


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