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Here are two of my most popular frames. I completed them this week (I think I get an order for one of these quotes once a week) and I love them just as much each time. Have you thought about Valentine's Day? It's just around the corner! What about a verse from "our song" on a frame for your sweetie? There is still time for a custom order, so contact me today jsneill@zoominternet.net

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  1. Love both of those quotes, and the frames are just darling! How on earth do you manage to paint the lettering on freehand like that and have it look so precise and perfect?!? I'm just in awe!

    I recently saw similar frames at the Shaker Woods Festival - and although lovely they were OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive. I begged my husband Tom and he just shook his head unsympathically no :( I love quotes and I'm a sucker for anything with a quote on it so I think these frames are gorgeous!

    GREAT work!



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