One for the Road

Okay, I'm off for my weekend, but wanted to leave you with one parting "funny". Have you seen the commercial for the "snuggie" blanket on TV? The whole time it's on I make fun of it and say funny things about what the actors are doing while wearing the blanket. I hate it and love it at the same time.

Well, it seems I have a kindred spirit in YouTube land, because this guy just read my mind and recorded it for all to see. These are EXACTLY the things I say when watching this commercial. Brilliant! Go Steelers!


  1. Oh, boy, did that make me laugh! I had to share it on my Facebook page! Thanks, Jennifer!

  2. Too freakin' funny!!!!!! have you been peeking in my windows???!!!....we are saying the same stuff over here!!!!!!!!!...the kids keep threatening me they are getting me one!!!...and get a load of this!..they have them for $14.99 at Giant Eagle!!! fuel perks too :)


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