Readers Remorse

It's over. I can't believe it. I shouldn't have read it so fast. I knew it would only make it come to an end more quickly, but I plowed ahead greedily absorbing the pages - sometimes 100 in a sitting. I looked forward to each chance to get my next "hit" like any drug addict, and now I'm spent and sad and wishing I'd taken my time.

Yes, I've finished the 4th and last book of the Twilight series and I'm not ready to let Bella and Edward go yet. I want to see how it turns out, how their lives unfold, I want their day-to-day vampire life spelled out in exhaustive detail. (I also wish to know many other things that I can't mention here for fear of spoiling the read for the rest of you who are still catching up.)

This is nothing new for me, I get emotionally involved...in everything. I cried at the end of the HBO series Six Feet Under and couldn't imagine my life without these characters, I've been lost without Lost over the many months. I was in a deep depression after I finished Pillars of the Earth and elated to learn there was a sequel - I plowed through it though, no lesson learned. I can't help it, I get attached. I get attached to my kid's teachers, my customers while working on projects together, the friendly UPS guy (I really hated his substitute during Christmas), the little old Terminix guy I employed long after my bug problem was solved.

I knew this was going to be a problem after I finished the first book, Twilight, and ran around the very next day like a crazed crack fiend looking for the next book. I tamed myself until Christmas under threat, but once those last two books were in my hot little hands on Christmas day, all bets were off. I devoured them in a week and now I'm stuck here, kinda blue.

I do have to say, however, the last book really tied up loose ends and gave me the ending I can live with. It was still a shock to see those two little words "the end" typed out in black and white, but I think in time (and with therapy) I can come to terms with the end of this series and accept it's really over.

Thank you, Stephenie Meyer, for whisking me away to the world of fantasy; of love and friendship and family bonds. A fantastic world of the unbelievable that becomes believable. A trip into the world of great fiction that reminds me why I love to read.


  1. My daughter was just like you with this series. She devoured each one. Okay, now I think I'm going to have to read them!

  2. I knew I had lost you to something..I'm glad you enjoyed the books!

  3. I am so totally like that when I read as well....it scares me....so I try to stick to magazines unless I know I have a huge chunk of time to read a book in 48 hours or less.....my daughter has NEVER read like this in her life....I'll most likely read them as well!!!!

  4. Jen-
    I cried too at the end of the Six Feet under series!! I thought I was the only one!
    As well, since I have been barred from any kind of aerobic activity, I have picked up the twilight Series. I am about half way through Breaking Dawn, and I am trying to prepare myself that the end is near.
    I miss you and all of the girls at kickboxing! I told Tammy that as the pregnancy progresses I may just sneak back in regardless of what the doctors say!

  5. I came across this one year old post via the "you might also like" link on your current post :) (just in case you're wondering why on earth I'd comment on a post a year old?!)

    Anyway, I am so happy to have discovered that you and I think so alike! You put into words exactly the way I think... getting so attached....

    I too read BD way too fast. I wanted to drag it out, but I couldn't. I've actually gone back and re-read all the Twilight books again. I think I'm ready for a third sitting!

    I just bought the newest book today, "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner". Have you read it yet?

    I knew there was more than just enjoying your posts, as to why I love reading your blog so much!!!


  6. Have you read Stephenie Meyers unfinished manuscript "Midnight Sun"... it's the first Twilight story but from Edwards point of view?. There are also deleted or edited out portions from several of the books that Stephenie Meyer released which are on some of diehard (Twihard) blogs sites. I loved the Edward POV manuscript more that the original book. He fell in love with her very early in the story. He was so very sweet.


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