When is the Last Time You Cried During a TV Commercial?

Now, I know I'm an emotional kind of girl... but I have to say, I can't recall a TV commercial ever bringing me to tears. You know, the plight of Whopper Jr. has always rolled off my back and the baby bear wiping his butt on Northern Toilet Tissue has been shrugged off. But this new commercial from Gerber had me standing in front of the TV with a quivering lip! Oh, they're good...I don't even have babies anymore, but I think I just put Good Start Formula on my shopping list.

If you are a parent and you haven't seen this Gerber commercial, it's a must. It'll get ya, I promise! (You have to click the link, I couldn't find any codes to embed this one.)

Here are some lovely items for your own baby...let's shop!

Katy Crochet's Shop has these lovely, organic cloths for baby:

Lucky Monkey's Shop has the perfect bowl for baby's cereal:

and these hand stamped baby spoons can be found in The Vintage Pearl's Shop

Bottle covers from Peanut Tree

finally, Oh Ruthie has this baby bottle cozy that is as sweet as can be!


  1. you almost got me to admit that I'd like another little baby (then I remember that they actually grow up) ... JK ... sort of. :)

  2. You need to have another baby, or maybe have your hormones checked!! I usually cry at the drop of a hat, but I'm SO over that baby stuff! I think I can wait until I have grandchildren now...
    BTW, For some reason, I'm not required to write the cryptic message when I comment on your entries. I sorta miss seeing what goofy word they come up with...

  3. What a sweet collection! My Mom (ohruthie) will be thrilled you included her baby bottle cozy! Thanks!


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