Am I The Only One??? Strange Dressing Room Habits Exposed.

Now that I'm all "bloggy" I've begun to see some of the strange things I do through your eyes. For instance, shopping for clothes...

I kind of hate to shop because 1) I'm cheap and B) I don't have much time

So, I have developed this strange habit of grabbing everything in my size (today I needed a dress) regardless of style, and hauling it all to the dressing room. From there I quickly try each thing on. Now this is where it gets a little weird; I leave my shirt hanging around my neck and my pants around my ankles. As I try on, I divide into two piles and if there is something that is a possibility, I then strip to see it for real. (Normally, all this is done while simultaneously feeding candy to Helper Munchkin to pacify him during this process)

Once I've made a decision, I...um...well...dance around a little bit. You have to be able to dance with your feet stationary if you are in a dressing room with a space under the door. Lipsynching is optional, but recommended.

No, makes me look fat

No, makes me look too polka dotty

It's a winner! See? No extra clothes are still on!

Wanna be a Juniper-ish? You can find my dress here at White House Black Market. It's made out of this really soft jersey fabric that hangs so nicely and is super comfy! Oh, and the hem and sleeves have a little flounce that's really swingy when you dance...just sayin'.


  1. ...oh too funny!...can relate to the not liking shopping bit...and good choice...tho the second one i liked as well....

  2. oh yeah...I'm there with pants around my ankles. I like the one you picked!

  3. How 'bout I always seem to have black socks on and then I try to stand on my tippy toes to "simulate" high heels....you go girl...hope you're having fun wherever you go in that sassy dress!

  4. yep, you're a riot! and have great taste - that dress looks fantastic on you & the pattern is gorgeous! :)

  5. Adorable! But I kinda liked the polka-dotty one, too! I've got a little thing for polka dots!


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