Redneck Valentine's Day

My husband and boys joined the rest of the manly men in our neighborhood and spent a Redneck Valentine's Day together at the Monster Truck Jam on Saturday, leaving me at home for some peace and quiet. If that doesn't say "love", then I don't know what does!

They got to sit front row! You know, close enough for the mud from the tires to sprinkle their hair and the Frisbees thrown by the "pit girls" to bounce off their foreheads (true story). It was a rip roarin', noisy, stinky Valentine's Day. What more could a boy ask for?

Close your eyes and imagine me...sitting on the couch with the remote control, in my jammies, eating Betsy Ann truffles from a big gold box...memories...Can't you just feel the love?


  1. and all was right with the world...everybody was where they should be....but i think ur spot was the best...

  2. Oh I remember the monster truck days. Every boy MUST experience it, with ear plugs, of course!

    I agree with Chrisy. Your place is much more desirable!

  3. I haven't come across a V=day story yet that;s as good as yours. yay for you!

  4. My boys have gone to the Monster Truck show in past years....leaving Micaela home to craft :)...I have to say I thought of you 10x on Saturday wondering how you were spending your quiet hours....heavenly!!!

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  6. NOT FAIR!!! That Monster Truck thing is out here this next weekend, and Chris didn't bother to tell me that he was on call that day until after I got the tickets!
    I have to take him now!
    They say I should bring ear plugs...I'll be sure to pop a couple of headache pills too!!

    Give the boys a hug from me! Ray said to tell them that he is cheering for Grave Digger. I'm confused now...there's a WINNER? How the heck does this WORK exactly?

  7. oh yeah, that is some seriously good love! glad you got the break & they got the noisy, smelly, rip roarin fun at the MTJ!

  8. Sounds like a win-win situation to me! Happy Valentine's Day!


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