Remember When I Was a Tree Hugger?

Do you remember this post? Well, the fight continued into the New Year, me against the logging company. I was able to get them to agree to add an additional 10 feet to my buffer by wrapping the trees in question with yellow caution tape. I also stapled DO NOT CUT signs on as many trees as I could justify,AND made a pest of myself by calling the township office several times.

But I realized it was a small victory when we walked down there to examine the aftermath this weekend. I'm so sad! We are actually one of the families who really use these woods. My boys play down there all summer long and they left it such a mess. At least our property was safe and on the bright side, my boys will love climbing on all these logs this summer.

Rumor has it, a new neighborhood will go back there at some point...


  1. That makes me so sad. I actually cried when Scott made me trim some branches off our dogwood tree. Somethin' about being tired of getting all tangled in them when he mows the grass. Whatever. I offered to hold the branches up! Oh, that was a gorgeous tree!

  2. When I lived out in Washington State, I remember a time when we were driving out towards the Olympic mountains. There came a moment when we came around a bend in the road, and right in front of us lay a mountain that had been clearcut. All of this glorious expanse of trees gone, and just stumps left behind. I cried. It's tragic. I can't imagine how sad I would be if I were in your position.

  3. This year you should plant some big cypress pines. They are a SOFT pine and will do fine if they have the tree break behind them in the winter. They grow fast tall and thick. I have them buffering the road at my place. In a couple of years you won't see what they put in the place of the forest that they destroyed. I feel your pain though. The same thing happened to us...in the front of our house. Now we have a wonderful view of a store and the highway. It's so hard to win those battles.
    Good for you for trying though! So many don't even try.

  4. I'm so sad for you. I remember at our first house, we would listen to the cows moo at night. Then our neighbor Maranda Moved in.


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