I'm Officially a Tree-Hugger

I just spent all afternoon plotting and scheming against the neighbor who owns the property butting up against mine in the back. We noticed a few weeks ago several trees back there had been spray painted or had orange survey tape wrapped around them. I called the township and there were no permits so I let it rest...

Well, lo and behold, we noticed this week that about 100 trees are marked and some of those are about 20 feet from our tree house! (okay, to clarify, it's just a platform right now, but someday it will be a great tree house! I only hope the boys aren't too old to enjoy it.) These trees were well into my property line.

What to do? I made another phone call and there were a lot of what are your going to do's and I better check with my supervisor's and not a lot of resolution. So, I guess there is something you should know about me, I hate the male run around. I'm not a nagging wife, I hate to ask for help and if I get to the point of asking twice. I just figure out how to do it myself, I don't need you! If I can find directions, I can usually do it. I have 15 yards of mulch sitting in my driveway because my husband took too long to get it ordered and when he went out of town I just did it. It may not be done the way my husband would like it done, but next time he'll jump to it if it bothers him that much. In other words, I did what any other person with my particular issues would do...

I brought my bucket and brush down to the woods and Helper Munchkin and I proceeded to scrub all the marks off our trees and all those in the conservation zone. ( The logging company is going to be pissed since they were all marked with a board foot estimate)

Then we went to Lowe's and bought 1000 feet of caution tape and taped all trees in question. :)

I'm satisfied for now, but I'm sure this isn't the end of the story.


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