The Mulch

After "mulching" for about 3 hours yesterday I felt pretty sore as I dragged myself out of bed this morning. I looked out the window at my pretty beds admiring my hard work and got dressed to finish up. I walked out into the driveway and this is what I saw:

Either I wasn't as productive the day before (though my muscles would beg to differ) or it reproduced like little mulch rabbits overnight.
I think mulching is like childbirth, you forget the pain as soon as it's over. You look at the beautiful fruits of your labor and fool yourself into believing it wasn't so bad and set out to do it all over again. Your body just accepts this as punishment for not getting the brain in line.

Damn that pretty Double-Shredded-Dyed-Brown vixen! I'm up to my armpits in mulch again this year...but it's just so pretty!

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  1. yay mulch!!

    there is something so enjoyable about reaping the fruits of your labor!


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