Hope is the thing with feathers...

I wanted to show off my latest photograph to go into my Etsy shop. This little nest is a work of art in strength and form. Each bit of mud and piece of grass is placed with precision. I can't believe this little bird is so talented! It was blown to the ground in a recent storm and I've held onto it for my bird's nest collection.

While on my tree crusade yesterday Helper Munchkin and I stumbled upon this freshly hatched robin's egg. I have a friend who spots four leaf clovers with some built in radar and I spot robin's eggs. I have little collections of them each spring that I save in spots here and there. I love the tiny, fragile shells in shades of blue I could never duplicate.

Well, the two beauties go together perfectly and posed for a photo on a chilly spring day in Pittsburgh.

I'm going to use part of my favorite Emily Dickinson poem as the title. Look for it soon at http://www.HopeStudios.Etsy.com


  1. That is a GREAT picture. A wonderful reminder of spring, birth and the cycle of life.

  2. Such a perfect nest. I too, have always been facinated by how much work a little bird can do. Teaches us all a lesson: One little bit a a time.


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