Purse "I Spy" Game OR Strange Things You Might Find In a Woman's Purse

There is nothing scarier to a man than the inside of a woman's purse. It's, literally, "no man's land". Really, anyplace that a man might encounter a tampon shares the same title. You know, growing up they were always called "pocketbooks", no one says that any more.

My husband breaks into a sweat when he asks for something and I tell him to "just get it out of my purse". He marches that purse, stiff armed, across the room and hands it to me to rifle through rather than brave the depths alone.

Any hoo, it was time for my quarterly purse clean and I decided to bring you along. Really, there is nothing too mundane for this blog. I'm up for anything. Sorry.

Okay, here it is. Looks harmless enough and it's not even big...

When I dump it out, you begin to see what I'm talkin' 'bout...

Okay, now it's time for the game. I've thrown away all the paper (shopping lists, old receipts, post-its). As an aside, most of these pieces of paper had a wad of gum squeezed into them. hmmmmm...gross.

So, most of the paper is gone and I will list the miscellaneous items below. You can click on the picture to search or to just scratch you head. Hey, I'm realistic here, there's some weird stuff in there! Feel free to judge me.

1. A letter to my kids from my Dad (he has the coolest printing, I think)
2. A mini tape measure (endlessly useful and entertaining)
3. One magnet to a set (no idea where the other one is)
4. A fake rock with the word "grow" on it (yeah, I don't know)
5. An empty bottle of hand sanitizer (it's the thought that counts)
6. 1 random cuff link (hmmmmm....)
7. Earrings I took out when I got my hair cut and have been looking everywhere for
8. 1 petrified, green gummy bear (I might save this for a craft project)
9. Movie stubs to all the movies we've seen in the last year
10. A tiny, gold mask of C3PO, from Star Wars (Okay, now that's weird)
11. The book mark I made for this tutorial and have only used once.
12. Dental floss in a tooth-shaped container
13. My inhaler (in case I'm abducted by cats)
14. Helper Munchkin's Emergency Room wrist band (that will go into the photo album, I'm morbid that way)
15. The lid to a tide stain stick...I haven't had one of those in years...
16. A punch card for every area ice cream stand (it's a problem, I'm dealing with it!)
17. Lots of crayons stolen from Red Robin Restaurant
18. 1 blue paperclip
19. Sudafed that expired in 2006 (how can that be???)
20. A book for my kids to follow along in church
21. 5 paper doilies (you know what? shut up.)
22. The lid to a Baby Bottle Pop candy that is licked clean.
23. About 3,000 lip glosses (each one is either, too light, too dark, too sticky...)
24. Some strange orange and black thing with a round part that slides on the straight part I can't identify but am afraid to throw away in case it is vital
25. A string necklace with a dragon charm.
26. A Nintendo DS charger (that has saved my life on many occasions)
27. A St. Hubert medal (patron saint of hunters...no, I don't hunt)
28. Many half sticks of gum (it's a gum conservation thing I have)
29. My husband's old wallet (full of Helper Munchkin's allowance).
30. My camera, ALWAYS!

Okay, so maybe claiming that I clean out my purse quarterly was a stretch. What is the strangest thing I could find in your purse? Come on, humor me so I don't feel like such a slob.

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  1. I LOVE it!!!!!!....I guess I don't give myself enough credit for going through my purse almost weekly...I guess with it being so huge and furry like a stuffed animal I have to keep up on it or it will weigh 60lbs!!...seeing all of your crap is a lot of fun! :)but it is truly like you are baring your soul...kuddos to you Miss!!!...and wait until you see the the cute little treat I picked up just yesterday for all of us girls for Valentine's Day!!

  2. This is too timely! I just cleaned out my handbag over the weekend. I was sick of reaching in it to try to find something and pulling out wads of odds and ends.

    I was amazed at how many (broken) candy canes I had in there! Every time we went to a mall, my son got one from Santa and I just stuck it in there. I guess I was saving them for later.

    I'm notorious for jotting down phone numbers on post-it notes without a name written on them.

  3. Ahhh, the Queen of Random strikes again! I found a nut of some sort that the kids put in my purse in the fall when went to the dentist. I then treated them to a cupcake at the bakery. It made sense at the time.

  4. hahaha omg.. "21. 5 paper doilies (you know what? shut up.)"
    you are soo funny! LOVE that... and number 24!!! I do that too.. I find something weird.. any anyone else would just throw it away.. but no I keep it.. JUST IN CASE! It may belong to something important. If I throw it away, then the next day I will realize what it belongs to and need it.. oye! LOL So funny.

    Thanks for sharing!! :)


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