20 Questions

I stumbled upon Someday I'll get there this weekend and saw her post of 20 Questions...so I snatched it and ran away laughing.

Ready? Here we go...

1. When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

From what I remember, I wanted to be a scientist or a princess in equal parts. In my small mind, either one was an exciting and totally realistic career path. I won the title of "Little Miss Lawrenceville", getting to ride the float (pulled by an ambulance) next to "Miss Lawrenceville". I was wearing a crown made of marigolds and I just knew that it had been decided...princess, it is.

2. What have you done in the past week to help someone else?

Does trying to hold the door for the grumpy old man count? Other than that, I have helped my three boys in varying degrees many times in the past week.

3. Who is the best dressed person you know?

I would say my neighbor. She isn't overly extravagant with her clothes, but she always looks polished and pulled together (For instance, I never see her in a black hooded sweatshirt, like your truly)

4. What is on your nightstand?

I have an alarm clock, a hair band, a barrette, and a book, and some dust. On the lower shelf are about 10 more books and magazines piled in a jumble.

5. If you were a cat what kind would you be?

I'd be a grumpy, itchy, sneezy, wheezing cat who was allergic to herself and pissed about it.

6. If you lived in a house surrounded by acres of trees, what particular type of tree would you want flourishing in your yard?

Well, I do live in a house just like that and I love the flowering wild dogwoods that border the woods. They are so beautiful and we come by them naturally.

7. What do you find to be very overrated?

Any book that has been made into a movie (except Harry Potter).

8. How many email addresses do you have?

Just one. I don't have time to manage much more than that. I've always thought I should get one for my business...but, obviously, I haven't.

9. Have you ever felt replaced?

Every night around 6 pm when the Big Guy walks through the door, every kid and the dog spend the rest of the night fighting over who can get closest to him for the longest.

10. Would you rather watch football or baseball?

Now, I live in Pittsburgh...what do you think?!?

11. What is the wallpaper on your phone?

A photo of The Big Guy and Helper Munchkin sitting at a baseball game, ironically. Big Guy has a problem with taking good pics and they both look so happy and relaxed. I smile every time I look at it.

12. Name a lyric from a song you are listening to right now.

Giving Up, Ingrid Michaelson

What if we stopped having a ball
What if the paint chips from the wall
What if there's always cups in the sink
What if I'm not what you think I am
What if I fall further than you
What if you dream of somebody new
What if I never let you win-- chase you with a rolling pin-- Well, what if I do?

Cause I am giving up on making
passes, and I am giving up on half empty glasses, and I am giving up on greener grasses. I am giving up.

What if our baby comes in after nine
What if your eyes close before mine

What if you lose yourself sometimes, I'll be the one to find you safe in my heart.

...for you.

13. Do you use a feed reader?

Okay, what's a feed reader???(don't laugh, Sunny!)

14. What chocolate do you always leave in the box?

Raspberry gels...shudder...gag...retch!

15. What would you do if you found out your ex was engaged?

Honey, I haven't had an ex since I was 19 years old, I couldn't give a shit what he is doing. I'd actually be hard pressed to even think of someone I'd really give enough importance to call an "ex".

16. Do words hurt you?

I have a soft center...like a raspberry gel. I do take words to heart and get my feelings hurt pretty easily by a harsh tone or mean words (crotchety old man ring a bell?)

17. Are you a talker or a listener? And is it possible to be both?

Talker, fo sho! I spend most conversations telling myself to stop and listen and ask questions. I could just GO for DAYS, baby! I don't think anyone is both naturally, but I think you can train yourself.

18. Have you ever walked on the beach at night?

Of course! Who hasn't? No, seriously, who hasn't - speak up.

19. Who is your favorite professional athlete?

I would say it's a pretty close tie between Troy Polamolu or Heinz Ward, they both play with intensity and heart...but Troy might edge Heinz out for his goodness and humility.

20. Which TV show have you seen pretty much every episode of?
LOST!!!! Man, I was hooked on the first episode and my life is measured in increments of "how long 'til Lost is on" ever since.


  1. I'm sorry. But I have to tell you that I DID laugh, even before I saw my name!

    but, just to make you feel better, beyond your shop, I had no idea how cool Etsy was until this weekend. I think I'll try to buy all my Christmas gifts off Etsy this year!

  2. Oh My Gosh! Can you even imagine not knowing about Etsy?! Poor girl....okay, back to you. Your nightstand sounds exactly like mine! Oh, except I also have hormone cream. You'll get there, little missy. :-)
    Do you thank God every day for #9? ;-)
    You NEED to sign up at Google Reader. For heaven's sake--it'll shave a LOT of useless hopping around to your favorite blogs, only to find that they haven't posted.
    Well, I didn't know about Ingrid Michaelson, so thanks for that. She reminds me a lot of Adele, who I like an awful lot as well.
    Have a great day!

  3. great questions and even better answers. :)

    I might just have to sneak back one day and snatch them for myself.

  4. Here we go... Here we go... Here we go, Steelers, here we go... Pittsburgh is going to the Super Bowl. Come on, sing along everyone.

    This was a very enjoyable post. If I never mentioned it, I grew up in Moon Township and my parents now reside in Peters Township. Small world!


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