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A lovely new friend has shared with me her feelings about organ donation, and how it helped so much after her son died, to know that his organs were helping other children live. She feels so strongly, in fact, that she began the Kristopher King Foundation in her son's memory to educate the rest of us about this important gift.

Did you know...

Almost 100,000 people currently need life-saving organ transplants.

Every 12 minutes another name is added to the organ transplant wait list.

About 18 people die each day from the lack of available organs.

Anyone can be a potential donor.

All major religions support donation.

If you are sick, organ donation will only be considered after you are deceased. Your medical care will never be compromised because of a potential donation.

There is no cost to donate your organs.

If you would like to learn more about this particular foundation, email this loving mom at kristopherkingfoundation@comcast.net

In the meantime, let's get on to Feedback Friday this week. I hate to think of these things, but being a mom has made me more brave and willing to face the nitty gritty. I have checked that little organ donation box on my driver's license form for the past 10 years. It's so easy, about as easy as those "love letters" we used to send in grade school - Just check yes or no.

Feedback Friday: Are you an organ donor? Do you know someone who benefited from organ donation? Someone who has donated? Any other thoughts, comments, questions?

psst...(this is my girl's weekend! I'm already heading to the mountains for a girly weekend of eating, drinking, shopping, and crafting!)



  1. I'm an organ donor too. I never really thought too hard about it but I figure why not? If I can save another's life after I'm gone, it makes sense.

  2. I am an organ donor as is my husband. I never wavered on the decision.

  3. I'm an organ donor. I totally believe in it. Have a great time this weekend!

  4. I am definitely an organ donor and totally believe in it! I hope that you have a wonderful girl's weekend! :o)

  5. I am definitely a future donor. But I have also been on both sides of the coin. Firstly, my 2-day-old son passed away suddenly and I was asked to donate his organs, which I did without hesitation. Unfortunately, they discovered his cause of death (group B strep sepsis) made it impossible to use his organs. It would have made his passing much easier knowing his heart was beating on to save another mother's baby.

    However, years later, my mother received a heart and lived 9 more years - giving her time to meet and get to know all her grandchildren. We were so thankful to the family who donated her organs so others could live.

    Please remember, you MUST let your relatives know your intentions. Even if you have marked your driver's license as a "donor", your family can refuse.

    Great topic today - thanks!

  6. OOOH that sounds like my kind of weekend--when can I come? I can't wait to see what you will create.


  7. I am an organ donor. Why? Because a few years ago my 17 year old cousin lost his battle with leukemia and donated his body, his entire body, to research because he said (before he passed) that he wanted to help find a cure for his disease. My family didn't get to lay him to rest until years later and we are all ok with that because that was his wish. To help make a difference. So help me god if I should pass, I want to make a difference too.

  8. Yes, I am a donor. I have never thought of any other option. To be able to help someone else would be such a blessing.

  9. It's hard to understand how someone could NOT be a donor? You won't need any of those things once your soul is no longer here...

    Great topic!

  10. I have lost a sister who was needing a new kidney, and a brother to leukaemia. I was not a suitable donor for either of them. Now I carry a card incase of accidents, so doctors can use ant parts of my body, and I am on the National Donor Register. Doctors can use any bits of me that they want! Even my eyes!
    Your liver is the only organ that can renew itself, so a tiny piece can save a babys life.

  11. I'm so glad you posted about this. I'm a donor, too. I feel strongly about any kind of donation to help others. Thanks for sharing this information for those who might not have considered donation before.


  12. Organ donation is a wonderful thing to do. My beautiful, 18-year-old son lost a 3 year battle to recover from many complications from a serious closed head injury. We, with no hesitation, donated. The thought that part of my precious Blake lives on in others, making their lives better, is one of the things that continues to comfort me in his loss.

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  14. I'm an organ doaner... and it's sad to think about but there are children on that list that need organs. My husband and I have decided that if something happen to our children after prayer and counsel with the Lord we would be more than willing to see the organs of our children help another child in need. I hope and pray I will never have to actually put that plan into action, but if I did we have already made the desision.

  15. A long time ago, I used to believe that if you were dying, your medical care might be compromised if you were a donor. But I later realized that wasn't true obviously and wised up.

    I also signed up to be a bone marrow donor not too long ago as well. I doubt I'll ever get the call, but hey, you never know!


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