Layering Lessons

The Nester taught me so much about how to "dress my nest" in her decorating series this month. One of the lessons was in layering. I looked at her examples and thought, "Hey, I like that!" Then I looked around my house and thought, "Hey, I DO that!"

I layer all the time. See?

So, anyway, I splurged on an original piece of art during my trip to Paris in September. I love it, I saved my hard earned frame money with something like this in mind, then scoured galleries until I found the perfect piece. I wrapped it carefully and held it lovingly on the plane during the flight home. Then I set it around here and there, not sure where to properly display it ever since.

I was laying in bed during my sickness last weekend (Did you know I was sick? Did you know I had laryngitis? Did you know not being able to talk is as bad as any torture I can imagine?) and it occurred to me...that Nester is so smart! An ordinary frame on the wall just isn't my style. It's so boring. This piece is so special. I need to layer it!

So I did.

A little "S" hook hung onto the ironwork and it's done!

I might have to tackle other areas of my house with Nester's help. She gave us 31 ideas in 31 days, you know. Maybe you should go check it out!



  1. Love that...so, when you going to come over and decorate for me??

  2. You know I JUST bought a large piece of iron work and it really could use a -punch- of something. Thanks for showing the layering of the art work on yours.

    (Love the Nester, too. Great 31 Days series last month, eh?)

  3. Love the iron work. And, the Nester. Now I'm motivated to do something today...:) woohoo..


  4. This really is a great idea. I love the look of layering.

  5. So very pretty! And such a great memory of your trip. Love the Nester's tips too, so practical and user friendly.

  6. It's lovely, you are a layering professional!

    And your etsy shop just gets better and better, off to email you!

  7. Hi Jen.
    That piece of art is wonderful! What a fantastic way to remember your trip.


    P.S. Love it layered with the iron work!

    P.P.S. So glad that you are feeling better. I am with ya' on the no talking+torture thing. Painful in lots of ways. ;)

  8. OOh La,La!!!! To think your treasure travelled thousands of miles to be enjoyed a lifetime.....it looks perfect!!!

  9. I love it--love the RED letter and table.


  10. I didn't know you were sick...I kept thinking I would get it just in time for this weekend, but so far so good. I could use more decorating lessons from you so keep up the good work. Your house looks terrific!

  11. Beautiful layering and home vignettes. You have such lovely style and I can tell you have a home where you are surrounded by things that bring you joy!


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