Hand Made Christmas Gifts - Feedback Friday Linky Party!

I think this year's economy is bringing back the hand made Christmas. People are thinking of special gifts to give that mean more than they cost. My girlfriends and I have been doing this for special gift giving occasions since last Christmas. It's amazing how far $10 can stretch if you put some thought into it! Want to see last year's Christmas party?

I'm making lovely little bottles of Limoncello this year, how about you? Do you make a batch of your famous fudge? Paint your own ornaments? Make stationary? Anything could be a handmade gift if it's given with love!

Grab my button to the right and link up with our Hand Made Christmas Gift Party!

I'm not a rules girl, so let's call these "guidelines":

*Link up using your post's permalink (the actual post address, not your blog address)
*Link back to this party so everyone can play along
*Give some comment love to the contributors
*Have fun!

Let's par-tay!



  1. Shoot Jennifer! I screwed up so you can erase that first one (No. Uno) because it's just straight to the blog, not to the post. The second one is right, but of course in my lust to be No. 1 (now No. 2) I didn't put down it was a no-sew fleece scarf. Harrummph.
    Excited to see what everyone else does!

  2. Jennifer, I laughed at your comment on the "Not-So-Merry Market" post. A few of the booths I did take pictures stealthily, but some of them I told that I was a local blogger and would they mind if I snapped a few shots. They didn't mind, which surprised me! :)

  3. I so wanna steal your limoncello idea! It's been haunting me. Ah ha ha

  4. Can't wait to look through all of the ideas. I really appreciate getting a homemade gift. It tells me that the giver took that extra time for me.

  5. There is nothing like some new growth in the dead of winter. Paperwhites are the ultimate show of tennacity!

  6. Love this! Unfortunately, the only thing I can get artsy-craftsy with is words. So, if anyone needs a guest post to alleviate that familiar holiday stress...

    Communiter Heaven: Voluptuous Afternoon View

  7. Nice :).

    If you are still looking for Christmas Gifts, a great lists is here too:

    Enjoy, feel free to comment and share your ideas.

  8. Woohoo, I love linky parties. Can't wait to see all the great gift ideas that everyone has posted!

  9. Hey, this is a great idea! I'm planning to do a polymer clay ornament tutorial on my blog, so I'll come get in on this once it's posted!

    Also, thank you for your comment on my blog post announcing our wedding. I'm so excited, and it made me smile when you compared our plans to a fairytale. You're so sweet! ♥

  10. We love to bake. We usually spend two days baking for the entire town it seems. My house smells like sugar for weeks after LOL.

  11. I love your idea! - limencello. I make my grandmothers coffee cakes for gifts, truffles from a very old recipe, bourbon balls and majestkas. I'll be post those recipes during the next week as I start making them! Old recipes full of rich flavor!

    Merry Christmas!

  12. Eek! I went to add your link to my post after I linked up and I think I just saved the post instead of publishing it! Ooops! It has been corrected! :) I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me! Thanks for hosting the party!


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