Hand Made Christmas Ornaments - Linky Par-tay!! Woo Hoo!!!

***Warning!!! No Soul Sisters beyond this point! My ornament for the exchange is going to be revealed and since our Christmas luncheon was canceled when Swine Flu reared it's ugly head (snout?) you haven't received it yet! Don't ruin it for yourselves! Turn away! I'm serious!***

Whoo, now where were we? Oh, yes, the time has come to show off your sassy Hand Made Christmas Ornaments for the year! Are your ready? Do you want to see mine first? Okay then, behold Light Bulb Snowman ...

It's so easy, you should try it! Want some tips?

I used ordinary burned out light bulbs that I cleaned with alcohol and cotton balls, and made a carrier out of an old box (mmm, eating the ice cream sandwiches was the best part!). Just cut a small "x" in the top and push the end in. Voila, the light bulb stands up and stays put.

Then I sprayed it with primer. This is for rust, it's just what I had on hand. I'm not even sure this step is necessary.

Next, I forgot to get a photo of the bulbs sprayed with Heirloom White spray paint. Any antique white will do. I did go over it at this point with layers of acrylic too, I wanted some texture and depth. But, it's just as nice with 3 layers of spray paint.

I wound craft wire around the threads on the base, twisted, and ran one end up finishing with a curly cue I use to hang it.

And the hat is just made from felt, similar to this pilgrim hat. I placed the brim on first and used a strip of felt to go around it to make the top hat. The whole thing is hot-glued.

The features are all drawn on with a sharpie and painted with acrylic paints.

You could paint a Santa on yours, or use glass paint and just paint dots and swirls...the possibilities are endless!

Click here to learn how to make a Book Page Christmas Ornament


  1. So cute...my mom made me 2 lightbulb ornaments a few years ago...I linked them up...I have a santa and a reindeer...may need to add a snowman to my "collection"...

  2. Oh my goodness how cute are these snowmen???? Great idea! Sorry to hear the luncheon was canceled due to Swine Flu, hope everyone is well. Sucks to get sick before the holidays.
    Thanks again for the darling idea.

  3. Very cute and GREEN! You could use bulbs that had burned out. I love it!! If you had vinyl you could print out the pattern you wanted. :)

  4. Those turned out so cute! I love the fact that you used recycled materials too. You're an eco-friendly, crafty goddess!

  5. Such a cute ornament. Love the linky party. The multiple links to that amazing paper ornament are SO worth it! Love stopping by here.

  6. Mom's Day, I agree! I sat my butt right down and made one of those this after noon!

  7. Oh my god--of course you did! While I was making a supply list and wondering where to shop you were already done making it! Love your creativity--it's inspirational ;)

  8. LOVE the lightbulbs...
    Sorry I had several links in a row- there's a ton of ornament crafting going on around here. :)

  9. Awesome snowman! I'm slow getting my ornaments posted, but maybe it can give someone an idea for a baby shower.

  10. Hey everyone !

    I've been doing light bulb ornaments for many years. I really enjoy coming up with new ideas for the holidays. For the most part, I do animal portraits and memorial ornaments for pets that have past.

  11. I so enjoy painting lightbulb ornaments. They seem to be a real hit at my craft show. Instead of using the spray paint...I use glass medium and it seems to hold the paint on really well. I love your snowman...you did a great job


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