Paper Snowflake Tutorial and A Quick Tip to Get You Through the Holiday Party Season!

Some bloggy friends asked for a paper snowflake tutorial, so here it is:

Paper Snowflakes, originally uploaded by hopestudios1.

Begin with a square piece of paper. Save the strip of paper that is leftover to make paper chains!

Fold it corner to corner 4 times until you end up with a triangle

Notch the end of the triangle opposite the tip for a star-shaped snowflake.

Cut away as much paper as you can while maintaining enough edges to keep snowflake intact.

Unfold. Iron flat.

Round the end opposite the tip for a round snowflake.

Cut out circles and triangles.

Unfold. Iron flat.

Ta da!

Now for the tip:

Quick! Grab 5 bucks and run to you nearest Dollar Store to purchase some inexpensive holiday themed trays like these:

Now you have something to bring your appetizer on without risk of losing your good platters. Line them with lettuce leaves or cute paper doilies and rest easy.

Better yet, why not run to Target to pick up this cute Tree Shaped Platter

You can tape a sweet note to the bottom and leave it as a hostess gift. She will love you for it, and maybe even pass it on to the next hostess!

Have a great weekend!



  1. Cindylou has been busy making snowflakes like craaaazy over here!!!!! She made a "blizzard" in her room!!! And yes, I have used that tip of yours for years....it's terrific!!!!

  2. We're putting up our blizzard this morning...by we I mean I, but you know how that goes! (Last night my hubster asked if we could ever have the dining room table back...what you don't like eating in between a snowflake paper chain mountain?!?)

  3. Mine always turn out looking less like snowflakes and more like geometry failures.

    Yours are lovely!

  4. Love the inverted triangle one. I'm off to try that next. I'll try to have my pics posted by tomorrow. ;)


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  6. What a delightful entertaining tip! I always forget about the Dollar Store & end up in Stop & Shop!

    Visiting from SITS! Happy SITS day!

  7. I'll be posting my pics sometime Monday....it was so much fun! The boys loved it!!! It is so cheery and absolutely free! Do you think it would be too over the top to do that on every window? ;)

  8. I LOVE the hostess gift tip! I'll remember that next time!

  9. That was great Noah my six year old grandson is here and we're laughing our hearts out trying to make a snow flake..
    thanks I think..


    Dorothy from grammology

  10. You make it look so easy ...I may have to try it today! Ironing must be the key....Oh yeah, and the cutting part!

  11. Ironing the snowflake is BRILLIANT! Thanks so much.

  12. Oh I love the snowflakes ♥ !
    And that tree-shaped platter is so cute.


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