Disney Countdown Jar, Old School Rollerskating, and The World's Strongest Clown

I have a few odds and ends that couldn't make up whole posts by themselves, but I still wanted to share. Let's think of them as tidbits to round out the week, shall we?

My 7 year old has been packing his suitcase and practices pulling it through the house every day after school, so he's "ready to pull it through the airport" when we go to Disney. Um, we don't go until MARCH! March, people!

So, when crossing off days on the calendar seemed to leave him unfulfilled and unclear as to how to direct this overflowing excitement, I decided to take a page from The Treat Girl's gift of 365 Days of Happiness and make him his own jar of Disney Love!

I filled it with little slips of paper printed with all we love about Disney and some activities (eg: "Design a Disney ride and build or draw it!", "Walking down Main Street with the castle in front of us.", "Whizzing through the darkness inside Space Mountain!"). He can choose one each day. I hope it doesn't cause his head to blow off his shoulders with anticipation!

We went rollerskating this week on a rainy weekend day when we couldn't ski. It. Was. High-larious.

And finally, I exercised with the World's Strongest Clown. For real. You think I jest? Behold...

Rumor has it he's a clown/adult entertainer, and that makes me shudder for all the wrong reasons.

Have a great weekend!



  1. That clown is just wrong!! Kids (and some adults too) are already scared of clowns and then you see a scary muscle man clown??? Weird! :)

  2. About the clown...eeeewwwww!

  3. That really makes you rethink adult entertainment.

  4. Clowns have always freaked me out a bit, but even as an adult, I don't think I'd have him at any of my parties!

  5. Ooh, I love the jar! I too hope his head doesn't blow off in anticipation, but I'm pretty sure he's gonna love it!
    Congrats on the win over at i ♥ faces! Great job, girlie!


    P.S. That clown is gonna give me nightmares! Eewwwww...... ;)

  6. Buffo!!! I see him driving his clown truck nearly every day on the parkway north! He looks freaky!!! And he drives with his clown makeup on!!! ACK!!

    The roller skating looks hilarious! I haven't done that since I was like 10! Bet those were some good times!

    The jar is an awesome idea! It's a great way for your little man to build on his excitement!


  7. Are you going to Disney for free with the give a day get a day thingy????

  8. Don't stop posting such themes. I love to read articles like this. Just add more pics :)

  9. Clowns are Scary anyway ~ this one... I have no words.

  10. You should join the Slapdash Sunday meme. It's for those little blurbs like this. I have info on my blog.

  11. Man, was rollerskating just the coolest? I love that you went! One of my fave things to do... :)


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