I Heart Faces

I was mentioned on I Heart Faces last week! Here is my entry for the theme "Family":

And here is my entry for this week, "Texture":

texture, originally uploaded by hopestudios1.

Remember my post about the grease floating in the pan?


  1. I love the "family" pic! Very fun and creative :)

  2. That picture is too cool. You timed it exactly right.

  3. Cute Fam pic! I'd drop my camera FOR SURE! Love the grease one too!


    Man are you brave!! How on earth did you manage to snap that?! Those things give me stomach butterflies - no way could I keep my composure to take a photo!!

    Love the grease swirl pic, too! Who knew grease could be gorgeous?!


  5. Seriously, that grease is so pretty : ). Congratulations on being a winner last week. I thought your picture was so creative and fun!

  6. who would think grease was pretty...

    And I have to thank you for your little comment on my blog about putting up an etsy mini! You'll never know how much that bothered me, and now it's all fixed! I really appreciated you taking the time to do that.


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