Ordinary Beauty - Feedback Friday

I don't know if it's the artist in me or just a touch of schizophrenia, but I am fascinated by the beauty I find in everyday things (remember this?). I'm a stop-and-smell-the-roses kind of girl (who then arranges them artistically rather than doing the laundry). I love to see a pattern formed or a secret shape tucked into something ordinary.

I thought this design was so lovely I ran for my camera to capture it to demonstrate the point of today's post. What is it? The grease formed on the surface of a pan that was in the sink soaking overnight. I know this seems odd but I believe that there is beauty in everything if you just change your perspective. Try it, this way of thinking yields a beautiful world laid out before you. It is inspiring and uplifting to truly appreciate the little gifts we so often overlook.

So, for today's Feedback Friday, I want to see the newly discovered beauty in your world (Is that pile of laundry artfully stacked? An ant's nest beside the driveway? The shadow of your favorite tree? The pattern of freckles along your son's nose?). I'll throw a Linky Party to help you show off your finds and you'll help brighten our weekend as we blog hop along. Groovy.

So, today's challenge, discovering Ordinary Beauty. Capture it, post it, link it, got it? I knew you did. (Oh hey, link the actual post, not just your general blog or flickr address. I want to see the actual image when I click.)

Okay, let's Linky, and have a beautiful weekend:


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  2. I'm pretty sure that I didn't do this right, but I snap pictures all of the time of rust and moss, and limbs.

  3. that shot is GORGEOUS.

    stunning, really.

  4. that's amazing that you found that. i never would have guessed what it was. beautiful!

  5. grease from a pan soaking in the sink? really?!? really. how cool.


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