We Went Out Last Night...

Okay, I have only a few minutes, but I HAD to share my evening last night...

The Big Guy took me into the city for dinner and to see Les Miserables (my all time favorite show) last night. I thought and thought about what to wear and ended up wearing a tan and black wrap front dress with a satin ribbon around my waist. It had a kind of toile pattern and with the the bow tied in the front, it looked French-ish to me.

I had on my black wedge heels when, suddenly, I realized that my Sex In The City Shoes with the ribbons would look perfect with the outfit! It was my first appearance in public with them. I accessorized with my satin evening bag with satin roses on it and my black chandelier earrings and I was off!

In the short amount of time I was in public, not sitting at a dinner table or in the theater, 6 different women approached me to talk about my shoes! About 10 others pointed and whispered or made passing comments (usually quoting Carrie Bradshaw). Each time I raised my foot and said, "I made them!" and explained how to do it. After awhile, The Big Guy said "Is someone else talking to you about your shoes?!"

So, I call our first outing in public together a success. Boy, do I love a cute pair of shoes.

"Hello lover..."


  1. WOW! Those blow any "sexy shoes" I own out of the water!
    I don't think we would have made it to dinner. ;)

  2. AHH...I'm so happy for you, And, those shoes rock. I think your cute feet might have someting to do with it too...

  3. that is sooooo cool & must have been such a blast!

    three cheers to you and your DIY goddess shoes!!

  4. The only thing better than cute shoes is getting your cute shoes noticed!

  5. I'm sayin' with those shoes you could have SpongeBob underwear on and Big Guy shouldn't mind at all!!!!


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