A Room with a View - Recycle an Old Window

So, I'm at my girlfriend's house (Joy Beadworks) and on my way through the garage I see an old window propped up to the side.

I'm all "Hey, what's with the window?"

She's all "Oh, I got it from a friend and have run over it several times with my car. Want it?"

I'm all "Hell to the yeah!"

And...it was mine. Just like that. The Big Guy failed to see it's beauty:

My bloggy pal Holly Rocks mentioned on one of my kitchen window decor posts that she has no window over her kitchen sink. No window! Gasp!

She just got married, and we never sent a gift...so let's teach her how to make one, shall we?

Find a cool old window your friend has run over with her car, or check out your local Reuse Center, here is mine called Construction Junction. You can find one near you HERE.

Now just look around your own neighborhood for a beautiful scene. One you would want to look out upon every day. Like one of these I took skiing last week:

I chose my photo, and enlarged it to 16x20 at Ritz, removed the broken glass, and attached it to the back of the window. Ta da!

See my room with a view?

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  1. Wonderful view. I love it against your wall. Maybe you should print out some different seasons so your friend can change them in her kitchen. haha


  2. That is fabulous...as usual!!

  3. How cool! Love the picture too.

    I did that once with an old mantle I found. It was HUGE. Hubby didn't understand, but then I had to join him because it was literally eaten up with termites! Ha. My bad. But THEN I found a bookcase and all was forgiven. :)

  4. Cool idea! I need this for my storage... I mean craft room!

  5. Too cool! My hubster is the same way...I call it the Lucy look...and I get it all the time ;)

  6. the phots are beautiful! the snow that just hangs onto those trees... breathtaking! and now i'm wondering if i have room for a window above my sink! at least a small one? i am certainly going to be poking around in my friend's garages!! great idea!

  7. That's cool, and one of the neat things you can do with it is change the photo out for the season. But I'm sure you already thought of that.

  8. I love that old window! You can pick them up over here for pennies at these reclamation yards.
    Yes, change the picture to suit the season!

  9. Oooo, I can SO see that in our home! It's lovely! You did a truly fab job! =-)

  10. Now utterly simple and adorable is that?!?! Guess I better get digging through my window pile!


  11. I LOVE IT. You never cease to amaze me, Miss Juniper, which is why i always come back. You rock!

  12. Love that idea! I esp. like it on the mantle.

  13. I'm all SHUT UP!!

    This looks great!! And that is a good idea to change out for the seasons! This winder one is stunning tho!

    Lou Cinda :)

  14. My brother just renovated his old stone house kitchen and gave me all the windows!!! Woohoo!!!!

  15. OK, Jen, I am seriously freaking impressed by your work. I have no ability to create art. Very cool.

    Happy New Year, by the way!!!

  16. Looooooooovee the pictures from you weekend!!! Those branches couldn't take ONE MORE flake! I wondered the whole way home what you had up your sleeve for that window, then I wondered why Joy didn't do something cute with it?.....then I forgot about it until now!! SUPER GREAT!!!!!!

  17. i will add my WOW to all theothers today. it looks FAB! always love maximun effect for minimum effort.

  18. That's awesome! My mom does a lot of stuff like that, but she will put a mirror behind it or paint a scene. It really adds to a space.


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