Homemade Cleaning Products - Tutorial

*Photo from the film "My kids get off their lazy butts and help out around this joint." It's a sci-fi classic*

Let's save some cash and get our green on this week by whipping up our own cleaners rather than the chemical laden spray bottles from the nearest super-store. Mixing your own household cleaners is simple and use "ingredients" most of us already have around the house.

I'll get you started with a recipe for Window Cleaner:

3 parts hot water
1 part ammonia

Mix the ingredients in a bucket and scrub windows with a sponge or rag. Squeegee off and watch them sparkle.

If you don't have white trim around your windows, wiping them dry with crunched up newspaper is an old trick my mom taught me. They come super clean and streak-free and reuse that stack of papers in the garbage can.

Here is another tutorial from The Treat Girl - I like to call it "Window Cleaning, it does a soul good". At least a Treat Girl soul! That girl loves a clean window like nobody's business!

Now, let's learn some other recipes from some of my bloggy friends:

Condo Blues has it covered in the laundry department with, Stain Fighters, Wrinkle Guards, Static Busters, Wool Wash, and Laundry Detergent.

Dahlia Lane has the low down on an All Purpose, Stove Top, and Toilet and Tub Cleaners.

Let's get cleaning! Do you have a tutorial? Can you "Teach me Stuff?" Well, tomorrow is for you then. Meet me back here around 10 pm tonight for you chance to link up your tutorials and you might just earn a prize! Oh, it's a good one this week... Grab a button to get started:

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  1. Neat links, Jennifer. :) Love the "sci-fi" photo!

  2. Thanks dear! I love the pic, too! My boys 7, and 5, each have a bathroom they are responsible for. They actually fight over the toilet cleaners, lol The 3 yr old sorts the dirties and all 3 kids sort , fold and hang their own clothes. We are in the business of RAISING (not growing) responsible adults! :-)

  3. LOVE the sci fi comment. LOLed this morning!

    I too make my kids help out. They are five and they sort laundry (by colors) feed/water our cats. They actually like it. We make it fun. Oh, and going to make the homeade cleaners today!

  4. This is perfect timing, because I just ran out of a few cleaners during my last massive cleaning of this house. I think I'll have to cook some of these up for myself. Thanks!

  5. Excellent post -- that ammonia is amazing stuff, isn't it? It can really do the job! Thanks for sharing these great tips!

  6. My kid helps out by bringing in all sorts of leaves and sticks from outside for our compost bin. I should also mention that my kid is a dog.


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