How to Entertain Your Kids All Summer

(I was gone on a mini-vaca last week - did you miss me? Well, while you were reading here, I was with my boys biking, swimming, hiking, fishing, and horseback riding. I'll show you some pics later this week. So, I'm behind on all of your blogs, but I'll get caught up soon.)

Oh, I'm sorry, did you think I was going to give you a perfect summer entertainment tutorial for you to implement here? I won't do that, but I will give you a small bit of advice from a mom who has attempted to entertain children for 11 summers...

Let them play! Don't schedule them too much with camps and classes. Let them get bored. They will come up with something amazing to do once they get their little brains working. Like what, you ask? Like this...

Kick a ball at the garage door "goalie" in their pj's during a rainstorm.

Try to break a glass with only their voice.

Play all afternoon in a box drawn with chalk and a ball.

Try the peds on their heads during a summer shoe shopping trip.

Eat fresh peas from their pea patch at sunset.

These are what summer memories are made of. Those kids of yours will come up with things you never imagined to propose or plan. Try it, you'll like it...

Do you have a tutorial for me? Tomorrow is Tutorial Tuesday, your chance to link up your own tutorials - come on, come back tomorrow and Teach Me Stuff!

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  1. Oh my, those are some seriously FUN photos!! :) The one of your boy trying to break the glass with his voice totally cracked me up!

  2. Last week sounds like fun. I'll be off next week - can't wait! I think I'll miss my laptop though. LOVE the stocking caps, btw.

  3. lolol totally cute and fun photos XD

  4. Thanks for your quick response! I'm looking forward to making the macaroni salad, have already got most of the prep work done since today and tomorrow will be pretty well filled, and the luncheon's Wednesday. :P


  5. Awesome! Love the simple joys of childhood :)


  6. Years from now, I think you could threaten your son with those ped pictures. Too funny!

  7. You're the best kind of mom! I totally agree with you actually. I'm all about unstructured play. I just wrote something for a mom panel about that actually!

  8. OF COURSE you were missed! So true about the scheduling business! We are finished with most organized sports (which are in the evening anyway) by mid/late July and nothing else is scheduled ~ it's good for them to get "bored" it gets them creative!

  9. I completely agree! Once you get past all the "I'm bored!"'s they always come up with some great stuff!


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