Keepsake Necklace - Tutorial

I have stalked admired blogger, Whimsy Love, for about 2 years now. She comes up with some really fantastic projects to do with her kids. Really. Fantastic. In fact, she is keeping a Summer Diary of all the fun activities she and her girls are doing during summer break. Once you get over your inferiority complex you will find yourself very inspired!

A project she shared last year has stuck in my head...it has stuck in my head for 10 whole months. Bug Catcher Necklaces! Now that my boys are home for summer break, it was the perfect project to kick off some more kid-friendly tutorials. A necklace to house your favorite bug or a special keepsake. (We all know how kids love to collect special treasures.) Let's do this thang!

Keepsake Necklace Tutorial


Prize capsule
Assorted beads
Beading cord
Thumb tack

Poke or drill a small hole in the center of the cap. Tie a bead in the center of your cord then feed both ends through the hole like this:

Fill the cord with beads. Be creative! Be colorful! Get crazy and put the soccer ball bead beside a sparkly pink one! Yeah.

Once you've filled your cord with beads, tie the loose ends so you can slide it over your head like a necklace.

Poke holes in the top of the capsule with a thumb tack so your little bug can breathe.

Now go on a little nature hunt for mosses, sticks, leaves, grasses you can use to build your buggy habitat. Oh, look for some bugs while you're at it! See our little centipede? He's cute and crawly, the perfect combination.

Wear your new buggy friend around town. You can be all..."Yeah, it's a bug. I know. Cool."

Let that little guy out after awhile, you don't want him to die!

Not into bugs? That's okay, this necklace is the perfect spot for lots of other special things...favorite rocks, special shells, or little toys:

Have a tutorial for me? A kid's project, a recipe, a magic method for getting grass stains out of baseball pants? Link up tomorrow for fun and prizes - Here's a button to get you started:

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  1. I wish I had little ones..that is such a cool craft. My guys would have loved that. Wish your boys a fun filled summer for me ;-)

  2. PS.....Hey...I can make one for my man to keep his Federal ID in!!!!

  3. Great Idea! Annie loves those little pill bugs! I bet she'd love to have them as a pet for a little while!

  4. Toooooo CRAAAAZY! That idea was stuck in my head all last summer....I even collected a bunch of those gumball machine containers too.....I just never got around to it...but thanks for reminding me, I'll bust that craft out with Cubby when we get back from vacay :)


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