Tutorial Tuesday Wrap Up

So many projects...such little time...

Michele Made Me astounded me with this creation from her favorite crafting material: Toilet roll pincushion

Then I Can Find The Time continued in this theme with her Sewing machine pin cushion. This makes so much sense I can't believe we don't all have one of these!

Bromeliade Living saved herself a trip to the dollar store when she came up with this amazing, graphic Simple, Personalized Gift Wrap for graduation gifts.

Finding my Aloha taught us how to make Faux Milk glass and I will never look at a vase or bottle the same way again. I'm already planning a springboard tutorial using her instructions!

Joy Beadworks came up with this awesome Lego Cake that would delight any lego lover.

Got pine cones? The Paisley Cupcake did! You've got to check out this Pine Cone Tree Ring she came up with. Decorating back yard trees? Love!

Hungry? Try these summer faves:

Charm of the Carolines:: Fried Green Tomatoes

Sit Relax and Read: Strawberry Trifle

Serenity Now: Zucchini Bread


  1. Love the vase, but I'm thinking you probably cannot put water in it...dried or silk only. So pretty! I've used the same technique with glass holiday tree ornaments...looks beautiful and very easy for a kids project.

  2. That pin cushion is genius!!! :)

    Thanks for hosting, and for the linky love. :)

  3. Thanks for the shoutout. I almost didn't link up because the project was so embarrassingly cheap.


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