How to Make 10 School Lunches, Lickety Split

Originally posted August 2009...enjoy!

I saw this someplace on a blog last year and stored it in my brain like a squirrel stores a nut. It scratched it's way to the surface this week as I geared up to send my babies back to big bad school.

I don't know about you, but my kids never give me enough warning that they'd like to pack their lunches on any given day. And when they do, it's right when I'm making three different breakfasts, yelling about brushing their teeth, asking why they pulled their favorite shirt out of the laundry, or reading spelling words while they tie their shoes.

I have three kids to get ready in the mornings and packing lunch at the last minute is one of those things that just sets me off at 8 o'clock in the morning.

I saw this last school year and I swear I saw a beam of light shine on it from the heavens and heard angels sing. This could change my life, for real.

Once a week, take a loaf of bread;

Lay out 10 pairs (today is PB & J, but it's just as easy to do ham and cheese, turkey and cheese, bologna...whatever) and put it together assembly line style. Go right down the line, baby, it's no big thang!

Stick those bad boys back in the bag:

Double bag 'em to avoid freezer burn:

Stick 'em in the freezer to wait their turn for last minute lunch duty. Oh yeah:

See? 10 sammies lickety split, no stress, no me going all mommy dearest on the boys for springing it on me at the last minute. Nice.


  1. I will try that tip, thanks!!!
    I hope you survive your boys going back to school!! I am ready for some routine and peace and quiet but sad to see them go and summer over. Now if I can just get my 6 year old on the bus this year without kicking and screaming that will be a miracle, ugh!! The first week of school last year was a huge nightmare. :(

  2. This looks like a great idea! So, do you pack them in their lunch bag frozen and then they thaw for lunch? Let us know what your kids say about the taste?

  3. Jennifer, you are so funny, I love reading your posts! This is a great idea, I'm definitely going to do it! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Mommy Dearest! bwahahahha! That is hilarious! I will be having my first experience with school this year. My oldest starts Kindergarten next Monday! Am I ready?! NO WAY! This is a great idea...thanks for sharing.

  5. Ooo--I like that assembly line style. ;) My girls LOVE pb&j, so this would be a dream come true for them. I get frazzled just trying to get a snack ready for preschool mornings, so even just planning that out ahead of time would be good for me.

  6. Great idea! I might try this as well. My kids love those Smuckers Uncrustables. This would be a lot less expensive then buying those all the time though.

  7. I haven't tried that combo but I think it is a good combination. I will going to try that one day. I wish I can find those spreads easily.

  8. I pack a lunch for my daughter everyday and this looks like such a great idea.

    I'd love to know if you pack it frozen.

    I'm thinking of making one loaf of bread into several different types of sandwhiches and labeling them. I'd love to streamline the lunch packing process each morning!!

  9. When my boys go to school I'm so going to be using this little trick. I know I'm gonna need it. :)

  10. Super clever! I don't have kids but can still use this for me and hubby when we're slammed with work. thanks for the great tip.

  11. Pack it frozen and it will thaw by lunchtime AND keep the yogurt cold! :)

  12. This is brilliant! I don't have kids, but I do have a propensity for being late and making myself a lame lunch.

  13. Yep! That is just pure genious! I'm definitly going to be doing this from now on!


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