Why Don't You...Host a Cookie Swap?

My neighborhood Cookie Swap is right around the corner and it provides an opportunity to catch up with friends and the added bonus of lifting the burden of baking numerous cookies this holiday season.

There is plenty of time to organize one for yourself. Here's the plan...

I used this cute "Winter Holidays" Evite template for my invitation:

The rules are simple -

Ask for participants to list their cookie when they RSVP

Bake 1 dozen cookies for each participant + 1 dozen to sample during the party.

Bring cookies packaged in dozens to swap.

Bring enough copies of your recipe to share.

The hostess has only to provide refreshments since guests will snack on the cookies and the guests spend one afternoon baking several dozen of the same cookie and go home with several different dozen cookies. Many times, I come home and pop mine straight into the freezer for a future get together!

Have fun!

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  1. I'm so doing this! I've been slowly acquiring my husband's grandmother's cookie recipes and I NEED to share them! And I might just post some to my blog in the coming weeks :o)

  2. I just thought of this today. If I could get it together to bake my own cookies I might really have something.

  3. I'm hosting one Sat. morning!

    Our church coordinated it and asked for volunteers to host all around the city.

    In the evening everyone is bringing some cookies to share at the church and watch ELF together! :)

    Should be yummy good fun!


  4. I like to go to cookie exchanges....I just don't bring any or take any....for years I wasn't a baker...shocker! and now I can't trust myself with so many cookies in my house! Just a night of girl chit chat is fun for me :)


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