3 Girls in a Pickup Truck!

You know how Joy and I love to haunt our local building material reuse center - Construction Junction. You either love this kind of stuff or you don't! Remember our last trip?

One of my favorite projects has been the Artwork I Created for my Bedroom using an old rusty ceiling tile!

Well, we added another girl to the truck and Marzipan joined us for the first time this week as we sniffed through loads of junk to find a few new treasures.

Let's browse, shall we?

Just look at this amazing round window! They have the stained glass inserts and would only sell this whole, but I would love to have this section of naturally distressed wood mounted on the wall!

I don't know what in the world these pillars are, maybe part of a church? I would paint them all different colors and group them together in a corner.

These cedar panels were just begging for a cool project, maybe two side by side on some saw horses for a desk?

I'm always looking for wrought iron fence to hang on the wall...they wouldn't sell sections of this one.

Check out the amazing condition of this giant double front door. These would even look fantastic leaning against a wall.

This huge industrial sink was calling to me! Only $350 and it appeared to be made from copper sheeting - the natural patina was gorgeous! Just remember this sink when I take you to Anthropologie next week, you will see something very familiar!

Have you found any trash treasures lately?



  1. I have to inquire and see if I have a place like that...yours is so cool. I could spent hours searching through things.

    Take us along again next time.

    Janet xox

    PS...did you buy anything??

  2. Love the round window---it looked Ginormous!!! I can't wait for our local flea market this in May--hopefully we'l find some awesome treasures :)

  3. You're making me wanna go shopping...... I LOVE those pillars! So, what did you get? :)

  4. wowzers wish I had the space for half those things at my home. The sinks look big enough for a bath =D

  5. Really have to go check this place out!

  6. Oh, wow!! What an awesome place to stop and drool for awhile. ;) Love the fencing!

  7. How fun does this place sound!! :) Sounds like you turn any old piece of junk into something lovely!

  8. I love salvage yards. It's always fun being on the hunt for a treasure.

  9. Oh my gosh!!! so many cool things to see! How did you not take them all home with you?

  10. I love this stuff Jennifer! So nice to see you. I see you are busy with projects too!!

  11. Those church(?) pillars would make beautiful newell posts at the bottom of a staircase. They are so interesting and I'd love to replace the boring one in my foyer! What a cool shopping expedition!


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