Two Girls, a Pick -up Truck, and a Warehouse Full of Junk!

Does this sound like the best day ever? It really was! My friend Joy and I took off on an adventure last week in her husband's truck to Construction Junction, a building reuse center in Pittsburgh, to find some inspiration and a work of art worthy of my spruced up master bedroom project. I left there exhilarated, inspired, and grubby!

Let's go shopping:

Look at this amazing carved pillar tucked behind some wood. It's all naturally chippy and worn (and a little rotted) from the elements. I wanted this for my dining room, to lean casually against the wall. I wanted it Real. Bad. BUT Joy helped me focus and move on. You're welcome, Big Guy.

Next we found a giant box full of burlap coffee sacks for $1! We dug and sneezed...good times...

Just look at this row of school desks! Oh, if my kids were younger. I have a whole school room laid out in my head:

An old panel of ceiling tin, all chipped and naturally aged. Love the bird poop accent. This is cool:

And a BUNCH of vintage stadium/auditorium seats that would be so cool lining the wall of a man-cave style basement. I really loved these!

So, what did we get? Well, that would ruin the surprise, but I can say that I spent $14.50 that day. After scrounging around I was starving...Time for lunch!

What do you do when you're in the city and you're starving and you can't find a parking spot? Find a townhouse that is for sale and pretend you are a potential buyer and use the driveway as a parking spot while you run into Bruegger's Bagels for a sandwich!

Then snap a quick photo of the address for your Number Art project and hightail it out of there laughing and howling!

You still have one more day to join up with the Studio JRU sponsored Linky party! You could win an awesome gift certificate to spend it in Jennifer's Faith-Inspired Art Shop!



  1. I'm so so envious. Green actually. PLUS first you pass on the great leather and now burlap? I seriously need to send my cell to you. :)

  2. I still think I would have snagged that chippy pillar. I'm like you and then someone has to make me focus again! Can't wait to see what you walked away with. So loving that you acted like you were checking out the property to park there, I so do that too!

  3. AHHH.. If only every day could be THAT fun!

  4. Sounds like a perfect day to me. Parking in the townhouse drive is hilarious! I'm a total wuss. I'd be too afraid. ;)

  5. Do you think it would be justifiable to drive all the way to PA for that pillar?!? We have the same ones on our porch...well...except one..the previous owners replaced it with a 4x4 after a storm damaged the porch. :/ I have the pattern burned in my head after scraping them a couple of years ago!

  6. You lucky, lucky girl!!! I can totally see a neat row of those theatre seats in a man cave. Oh, how I wish I had a basement. :) Fun, fun day! :)

  7. Ugh!!! Why was I not invited????? I thought you were going to say you pretended to be in the market for a townhouse and helped yourself to the free client buffet :-) It is good to have so much fun with a girlfriend..I'm envious!

  8. Sounds like a hysterical and fun day! Pouting, 'cause I wish I lived closer....

  9. parking in the condo driveway is genius!! that made me laugh out loud!! lol

  10. That sounds like the best day ever!! Scrounging through junk, laughing with a friend, all of that sounds perfect! Theresa

  11. That sounds like an awesome day. Nothing better than junk and a friend who also loves junk.


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